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Ask HN: what hacker news app do you use on iOS?
5 points by jman1 1408 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

news:yc is by far the best.

Because of its simplicity, I use it much more than I use the actual HN website.

I've even emailed chpwn (Grant Paul) the creator of the app with ideas for making it better and he was very quick to respond and sincerely consider my suggestions. In the end he chose not to use them, as he feared the UI implementation would not be intuitive.


I just installed it, but I'm having trouble finding out how to collapse comment threads; is this feature available, and if so, how ?

Thats the feature I suggested, but he rejected. :P How would you implement it?

I suggested swiping horizontally on a comment would collapse the children.

I have no idea what would trigger the collapse, but it's extremely annoying to browse this way. Especially on submissions with a lot of comments, you have to go through a huge list of worthless comments to find the next "good comment".

Either a thread collapse or a "skip to next comment on the same indentation level as this" would solve that problem.

I just had contact with the author, he seems to be willing to acknowledge the issue, but unwilling to implement a fix. So that's a shame, made me waste some money.

HackerNode. Unfortunately it's a read-only app, but it works really well for me :)

I just use Chrome on my iPad 4, I feel I'm getting the same experience as on the desktop and that's fine for me.

I'm curious as to why people don't use the browser.

The official site doesn't work well on mobile browsers. There are sites such as ihackernews.com and icombinator.net that fill that gap.

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