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Ask HN: do you like "new" yahoo mail that has been forced at you?
3 points by joering2 1772 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite
Early this morning my little girl ran to our bed all crying that Little Forest dissapear from her Yahoo. First I did not know whats going on until I opened my own mail.

It seems that Yahoo mail got GUI alterations without even asking their users if they want to have it applied to their profile. Nowhere I can find how to switch it back. I remember from GMail even Google had option to go back when they switched. This is very sad...

While explaining my daughter what has happened, my hope was that we can just go and reapply Little Forest theme - but little we know, all the themes are gone and you are left off with nothing other than boring colors.

As of alterations (I will call them that because I have not seen one new option/feature so its not like this is "update" per say [rather downgrade since themes are gone], but rather bunch of alterations thrown at you for God knows reason [I have my AdBlock on and I am afraig of turning it off -- perhaps themes dissapeared because now they can be dynamically replaced by ads, don't know), the only thing I noticed is three icons (trash can, favorite and checkbox) running around after your mouse that annoys me and wont let concentrate on reviewing mail.

Can someone tell me whats new about ths GUI and why it has been shoved in users throats without question or option to opt out?

As of my daughter it seems that GMail still allows for cool themes. Glad to know that. Will train her on using Gmail this should be an interesting experience.

  "all the themes are gone and you are left off with nothing other than boring colors."
FWIW there are still themes in the new Yahoo Mail I don't know if Little Forest is there because I don't use Yahoo Mail but its under "Options" on the top left hand corner of the page, next to the Sign Out button.

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