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I'm always fascinated by Bump. I don't know a single person (of the 100M downloads) that uses it. But those numbers they post make me wonder why.

I have installed Bump twice now, 1 year apart - on my iPhone, then on my Android. Both times it failed to bump files. I wonder if it has inherent issues.

That would account for "100 million downloads!" but not actual active users.

Just now it said "Network unavailable" while I was connected to WiFi. It found a network when I turned off WiFi, but still failed to Bump.


They just passed 112M downloads [1] apparently, so they're still growing at a really rapid pace.

[1] https://twitter.com/bumptech/status/279002738925379585

But how many of those people are active users? I would bet very few.

I've had Bump for a few months, but don't use it much. Primarily because it's a pain to get it to actually connect to anything.

I could never get it to bump with my desktop (it's easier to just transfer the files through a network share).

Bump needs to be something like Card.io. i.e. it needs to be a feature you license for inclusion in whatever app you're building. It never really made sense to me as a standalone app.

> one of the most popular mobile apps of all time

I have literally never heard of the thing, let alone see somebody using it.

Seems to be a lot of users in Europe and Asia judging by the sites traffic.

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