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I use Trello. I have just one board. I keep one list per project, plus a list for ideas, and a list for priority TODOs -- stuff I need to get done today or tomorrow but for whatever reason didn't do immediately.

I also use Trello, though in combination with a whiteboard.

I have one big project, so I have a Trello board for that, with lists for: Today, Tomorrow, and then future work by discipline (it's a game, so things like: gameplay, rendering, art, design, etc.).

Every morning, the first thing I do is check my today list. If it's empty, I move some things from the tomorrow list in. Then I fill up the tomorrow list with things from the future work lists.

This means I have a list of all the work I need to do, but I don't explicitly plan more than a couple of days ahead - things are too variable for that.

Once tasks (in the today list) are done, they get moved to a 'done' list that I can review later.

It's simple, and seems to work fairly well for me.

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