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I don't have any experience with MongoDB, but the example put me off using it completely. The MySQL query is concise and brief, the MongoDB equivalent is bloated. Only after several seconds I was able to deduce that the MongoDB query probably does something more than MySQL query. Can you please make the examples more comparable? Or did I misunderstand the MongonDB and it actually is so bloated by design? I believe it is not your goal to discourage people from MongoDB , if so, better not do it unintentionally.

>> Or did I misunderstand the MongonDB and it actually is so bloated by design?

Depending on the type of query and the way you designed your database schema MongoDB queries can be either more concise or (in your words) more bloated than SQL. You can't really say either one is more bloated than the other in terms of query syntax.

Personally, I generally prefer MongoDB queries over SQL, because it doesn't have a concept of joins, inner queries, temporary tables, etc, which usually translates to more but simpler queries. If the data model for your applications relies heavily on any of these features, maybe you shouldn't use MongoDB (or any other NoSQL database, for that matter).

The default is a particularly perverse example. Most anything that involves aggregation or on-the-fly computation is better done in MySQL or similar. Typical Mongo usage is predicated on the assumption that you're going to denormalize your data into documents that are trivially queryable. Treating it like a SQL store is a mistake, and this query demonstrates exactly why.

This, exactly. Great tool, but having no experience with Mongo yet, I literally said aloud "So verbose...!" when I saw the translation.

MongoDB's query language is just not very good.

Used to make me want to tear my hair out... But I've moved to using linqpad and writing the queries in linq now, and it's not too bad.


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