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My favorite new feature: you can finally search through your own gists!

I use gists all day every day: it's where I dump and share pieces of reusable code. It's always been a huge pain to search for something you know you gisted, but can no longer find without browsing through 20 pages of 3-line excerpts. Search makes this a million times better.

The new code editor is also pretty sweet!

I like the update to gists.

--- Somewhat OT:

I find that github has always had poor to okay search capabilities.

For example, have you ever tried to search for a repo name, only to find 1000 forks? wat. Ever tried to search issues for a specific issue, only to find no results, removing a word or two to get a less accurate search.

Search for me is about discoverability. And github is for developers for the most part.

As a developer I want discoverability for code! I want regex features (like in google code search), better matches. Ways to compress my search results down. Search tags code:'if Awesome()'.

I just feel they could be doing so much better in this area.

Gist is our first entry into Better Search. With the amount of code we index (and the unique problems of searching source code as opposed to prose), it's not something we can change overnight.

(Totally OT: And the best part is that you guys are here with us listening to our feedback)

The lack of search is the main reason I created http://gistedapp.herokuapp.com. Unfortunately I still find their search lacking in a few fundamental ways:

* it is (surprisingly?) case sensitive * it only searches titles, not file contents * the UI feels disconnected from the main gist area, making it unclear whether its a search of all Gists (like the previous version) or a personal search.

Fortunately, this update indicates they're paying attention to a much-used part of their product that was starting to feel neglected. At their pace of improvement I can't see these holes remaining for too long.

Now, hope they add back the ability to be notified when there's a comment on your gist (which Gisted supports)!

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