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I wish there were more screenshots of the App. I know you are pushing people to get started on the free trial and to actually experience the app but I really like to browse through all the various screens before diving in.

Looks like something I would consider dumping campfire for (campfire has never made me happy).

+1 for full-res screenshots. I like to see what I'm getting before having to create an account and download an app.

Here's a better full-size screenshot: https://d2cxspbh1aoie1.cloudfront.net/assets/press/flowdock-...

Thanks for the feedback, we'll be adding more of them, and blogging about individual features.

We actually have a Campfire importer in case you want to retain your chat history.

Thanks for reading the feedback :) Love that there is a campfire importer that we can import our chat history with!

We're giving this a demo in the office today. Really loving the ease of integrating things like Jira / Github.

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