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They only finished making the first episode of six hours and there were a dozen hours filmed/planned?

First episode is called "Insert Coin" It's the premiere of the first episode (the only one which is complete up to now) 45 min Shown Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 8pm

So they never finished it. Maybe ran out of money to produce it? Definitely out of time by Feb 2012

World Premiere: Screening of the first episode "Insert Coin" of the brand new documentary, 8-Bit Generation. Playing the Revolution“ with interviews with veterans of the game industry (A Junk Food & BasicNet production / Written by Tomaso Walliser Lorenzo Faggi / Directed by Davide Agosta / Special consultants Massimo Temporelli, Bruno Grampa and Cecilia Botta).

   8bit Generation documentary series out in February 2012
   Junk Food, a "content for humans" production company, proudly announces 8bit Generation.

   This forthcoming 12 hours documentary series is divided in two main stories covering the birth of the personal computer and videogame era: each story will be 6 hours and 6 episodes long, starting from the mid 70's all the way through the 80's and the first 16bit machines.  

   With something like 50 (and more to be added) original and unreleased interviews to the fathers of the modern world, 8bit Generation is going to be, by far, the most complete, accurate and the biggest video product on retro gaming and retro computing for years to come.

   Interviews feature Apple founder Steve Wozniak, Commodore founder Jack Tramiel, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, tv game inventor Ralph Baer and many others.

   8bit Generation is going to be released worldwide February 8th 2012 in DVD/BD format and in 5 (plus 1) different packages.

   Find out more information and news and watch video trailers at www.8bitgeneration.info where you can also pre order your favorite copy.  - Tomaso Walliser Junk Food C.E.O.

After digging around a bit, I found one of his domains still working lostinfashion.it and it was renewed to 2013 recently - check the whois for email and phone number

You can also get the "who we are" page to work in the archive if you change the date http://web-beta.archive.org/web/20111128013424/http://www.8b...

All sorts of leads on the "who we are" page.

I'm fairly certain the director has a LinkedIn profile that's updated. (There are a few with the same name that aren't.) There's also a Twitter account with that name, but it's been inactive for about a year. Any "web sleuth" with a Linked In paid membership could toss him an email if they were so inclined.

I've asked two people on Twitter if they were the writers listed on the Facebook ad. One Lorenzo Faggi replied no. Others with that name are rather inactive. I'm still waiting on the presumed Tomaso Walliser to answer.

I'd love to know just how many were done, what became of them, and if they're no longer interested in pursuing the project, if they would post the footage they did film for the public to tinker with.

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