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Ask HN: Why does Apple need to know how subscription fees will be used?
4 points by belthasar 1863 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
I've submitted an app for review that will be used with a companion, subscription based web app.

The submission was rejected because they needed to ask me some questions about my app. One of them really bothers me.

3) How does the user/company pay, is it subscription-based or lump-sum? What's the cost, what is it for, and what are the payment options?

I'm using stripe to take credit card payments but why does apple need to know how the money will be used? No payment will every be made inside the app itself.

Apple wants 30% of your subscription rate if you charge by subscription. I know this b/c I have had the same thing happen, and it's complete bs.

This is why you should be publishing an API and having a "3rd party" writing and publishing your app, so there is no revenue behind it for the douchebags at Apple to screw you out of.

Apple won't care if your app is free and uses a public API, but if there's ANY money in it, they want their 30%, especially if it's recurring revenue.

Thank you for answering my question.

I wish I knew that before going into all of this. How would they even know how much money you are making? Hopefully not by the number of people using the app.

The 30% cut would make sense if they were hosting my servers but 30% for just being a name is insane.

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