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So any more details about the issues at Filepicker?

Can't see any stories on HN

An outage is expected on services, even self-made ones like this.

We've been talking with the Close.io folks directly, but you may have experienced some slowness this weekend due to increased load. We're rolling out a new architecture soon that should address the issue for the next order of magnitude.

Regarding the response issue mentioned, we had a bug where we would not return the S3 key properly for a specific code path. The bug has since been patched and pushed to production.

Thanks for that Brett

I'd still prefer a service like Filepicker over running my own service.

However would of been good to see a blog or twitter update on these issues.... I might of missed something, but so far not able to see anything of the sort?

Does Filepicker have a Status page? Like Herokus? Cannot see anything on your homepage.

Everyone expects outages and such. But seeing the acknowledgement and plans for improvement helps!

(Congrats on the service... I'm still choosing you guys!)

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