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Anyone suggest a team project management tool?
2 points by aagha 1601 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
My team is looking for a collaborative project management tool. We've used MS Project and Trello, but are looking for something that has the power of Project, the flexibility of Trello but with the ability to do instant updates that the team can see/be notified about. We'd also like rollups of sub-projects into larger projects in a dynamic manner; I know that's something we could get if we had MS Project Server.

We have our eye on Feng Office (http://www.fengoffice.com/web/). Any other suggestions?

I’d recommend you to try Wrike! (http://www.wrike.com) It’s really powerful project management software with real-time newsfeed, Gantt chart, Workload view, email integration and many other great features – actually all you need for efficient project management. The app is online, so all team members get notified about all task updates in real time both in Wrike’s Activity Stream and via email. As for the sub-projects, in Wrike all tasks are organized into folders (it can be projects, departments, clients etc), so subfolders may be used as subprojects.

I'd recommend you to try KanbanTool http://kanbantool.com . This application will help you to gain at-a-glance visibility of your workflow and to efficiently manage tasks (using card colors, priorities, due-dates, file attachments, comments and to-do-lists). KanbanTool provides also useful features that empower team collaboration (advanced account access privileges and sharing options, adding tasks or comments via email as well as email notifications for task assignments and comments).

Try BrightWork! Sync's with Microsoft Project to provide a powerful tool! http://www.brightwork.com/case_studies/index.htm

Try Breeze (http://letsbreeze.com), Trello and Basecamp hybrid.

Try Asana

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