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I was hoping for more meat here. These tips seem so vague and generic, its hard to see how they affected you at all.

For the hiring tip, you say "don't hire friends" and then immediately after "in some cases it worked out great". Perhaps could use an example of how this was #1 on your list of 3 worst mistakes.

#2, don't raise money too early. And then you say you actually backed out of the deal and didn't raise money after all. So this #2 greatest mistake didn't happen to you but almost did?

I guess things are going so great you are having trouble finding some things that went wrong?

Same here. Seemed to be a little light. It was a well intentioned article but one that could've used more info. A startup is a very complicated animal and I'm sure there is a much bigger list of things not to do than this. However, still enjoyed the light reading. :)

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