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Hey atomical - I'm Jason Shen. I'm an entrepreneur based in San Francisco. I cofounded a nonprofit in college, worked at a startup called isocket (now known as BuyAds) and cofounded a YC backed startup called Ridejoy.

You might also be wondering about Sebastian Marshall. He's a friend of mine, an entrepreneur in his own right and wrote a book called Ikigai. More on him here: http://sebastianmarshall.com/about

Hi Jason, I looked over his site but that really tells me nothing about him. It's laced with lines like,

"I signed up for a life a little bit off the mainstream path, so maybe I've got some interesting things for you. Writing on here is geared for those who want to cultivate their enterprising spirit, to build results, to become more creative, to gain a greater self-mastery, to get more perspective, to build more, to do more, to live more."

Yeah okay, but what's your day job and what have you done.

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