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As soon as Yahoo shows me my inbox instead of an ad when I sign in, I'd consider going back. Until then, all the wasted time clicking away from the ad cancels any extra uptime. Luckily I've heard Marissa is actually pushing for this change :)

Marissa is "pushing for it"?

If she wanted it done, it'd already be done.

she just announced it :)

Options -> Mail Options -> Behavior -> Inbox -> Check "Show on Startup"

While you are on that page, enable SSL by default: Turn on SSL: Check "Make your Yahoo! Mail more secure with SSL"

Well, outlook.com / live.com email is pretty nice nowadays. I'm tempted to forward my personal gmail stuff there for a while to see how it holds up.

Or you could go for a paid service without the ads. And we don't sell your data :)


gmail sells your data?

Uses your data to target ads, using the term sells your data is a bit strong for what they do.

I tried outlook.com for a while after the launch, but I just can't go back to the folder system. Tag & archive is now a requirement for any future email service I'll use.

pay $20 ?

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