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Wow. One web service goes down and you can't even use your browser.

Maybe this is a sign that they're too tightly integrated.

Or it could be, you know, a BUG

What he said. Some bugs are intrinsically unacceptable in the design of a computer program.

Not that everything I do is bugless, but separation of concerns isn't a swear word.

Of course, separation of concerns can lead to swear words if not well thought out.

By bug you mean design failure. A trivial external API should not be able to take down a desktop application.

Why do you assume this happens by design?

I assume it happens by lack of design.

Thanks for the nastiness, Google employee.

No. Since this is only happening to those that explicitly enable syncing with the web this is just a bug.

I don't have synching enabled and Chrome was repeatedly crashing for me earlier.

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