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Is this affecting Chrome as well? Looks like it might be a bigger problem. It just crashed for three guys in our office within a few seconds of each other.

Edit: Nobody was using Gmail at any point.

Chromium crash on Arch Linux with this message: http://pastebin.com/f9JMsPzT

    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'
      what():  bitset::set
    [1]    4934 abort (core dumped)  chromium
singing out of sync for now..

Edit: no crashes since I signed out of sync

Edit2: found a more complete stack trace by somebody else: https://gist.github.com/4251938

Bug Report: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=165171

Chrome also starting crashing 30-or-so minutes ago, on a OS X 10.8.1, Chrome version 23.0.1271.95. I just had my Facebook account open in that window, but it continued crashing by itself after 5 minutes. GMail doesn't work , too, from neither FF nor Chrome, it does though from my iPhone (different web provider, I wonder if that counts).

Same here. Windows 8.

Wow, a lot of people use Chromium over Chrome because of "omg botnet" - I wonder why Google downtime would cause vanilla Chromium to crash?

I thought Chromium still had all the google tie-in issue. If I remember correctly what they pulled out was license encumbered features like font rendering. I know there were forks like iron that pull out the privacy features.

They do? I thought they just disliked undebuggable proprietary plugins.

Google services use SPDY connections. I wonder if it has a bug in its implementation... not many sites use the protocl.

Yes Chromium without sync works fine for me too.

edit: Gmail works fine for me in Denmark, maybe it is only a regional outage?

It was general for gtalk. I was chatting with my girlfriend in Paris and I'm in Montreal right know. Both gtalk stopped working and we finish the discussion on Skype.

my @gmail.com worked but my apps account on a different domain kept crashing. Both accessed from Denmark but with english as the language.

Interestingly the bug links to 163267, which is marked private (i.e. a security issue). I've had more downtime out of Google in the past few years than I ever did out of my Yahoo mailbox.

As soon as Yahoo shows me my inbox instead of an ad when I sign in, I'd consider going back. Until then, all the wasted time clicking away from the ad cancels any extra uptime. Luckily I've heard Marissa is actually pushing for this change :)

Marissa is "pushing for it"?

If she wanted it done, it'd already be done.

she just announced it :)

Options -> Mail Options -> Behavior -> Inbox -> Check "Show on Startup"

While you are on that page, enable SSL by default: Turn on SSL: Check "Make your Yahoo! Mail more secure with SSL"

Well, outlook.com / live.com email is pretty nice nowadays. I'm tempted to forward my personal gmail stuff there for a while to see how it holds up.

Or you could go for a paid service without the ads. And we don't sell your data :)


gmail sells your data?

Uses your data to target ads, using the term sells your data is a bit strong for what they do.

I tried outlook.com for a while after the launch, but I just can't go back to the folder system. Tag & archive is now a requirement for any future email service I'll use.

pay $20 ?

Don't go back. Yahoo isn't good option. http://www.sami-lehtinen.net/blog/yahoo-mail-whats-wrong-wit... I installed my own mail server with webmail. Now I'm happy.

chrome aborts left and right on win7 64, too.

Yeah, I get crashes all the time on Win 7 x64, but that might have something to do with having 100+ tabs open.

Ditto on Mountain Lion.

Wow, I was setting up a new Arch box and decided to install Firefox instead of Chromium, almost there.

Chrome it is not crashing for me - on Ubuntu64 12.10 - Germany

Chat seems to be offline - mail works

google-chrome on lubuntu crashed 3 times in a minute after going to gmail.

Wow. One web service goes down and you can't even use your browser.

Maybe this is a sign that they're too tightly integrated.

Or it could be, you know, a BUG

What he said. Some bugs are intrinsically unacceptable in the design of a computer program.

Not that everything I do is bugless, but separation of concerns isn't a swear word.

Of course, separation of concerns can lead to swear words if not well thought out.

By bug you mean design failure. A trivial external API should not be able to take down a desktop application.

Why do you assume this happens by design?

I assume it happens by lack of design.

Thanks for the nastiness, Google employee.

No. Since this is only happening to those that explicitly enable syncing with the web this is just a bug.

I don't have synching enabled and Chrome was repeatedly crashing for me earlier.

I can confirm Chrome crashed around the time of Gmail going down too.

+1, Chrome on Windows 7 64-bit. Started to crash every minute just around the time GMail was down. It stopped crashing after I rebooted my machine - I don't know if it is related or just a coincidence; just giving a data point.

+1. Chrome crashed once for me, and it had an interesting error message. Something along the lines of "Wahhhh!!! Chrome crashed! Would you like to restart?"

+1 Win7 x64 too right when Gmail went out. And I thought it was an isolated WTF.

It crashed for me too.

Same here. This is bad.

win8 x64 didn't go down for me at that time..

Wonder what the difference is? I don't sync among devices, but for the people that it did crash for do you sync among devices? Maybe that has something to do with it?

Yes, Chrome is crashing every two minutes or so for me as well. I think it has to do with Gmail being open in one tab while Gmail is down.

This is very bad.

Wha ... how ... why would browser performance be coupled to performance of one particular site? Firefox, Opera, even IE don't crash when they're offline and unable to connect to any site.

I don't think it's Gmail, I think it's the Sync service that is causing crashes.

Probably - no problems with Chrome here, no sync enabled, no GMail tabs open (using GMail in my standalone client only)

Yeah, I have sync enabled and using the official Gmail extension. I crashed several times not long ago.

Both Chromium and mobile Chome are crashing for me. The Play Store is also unavailable to get a different browser.

Edit: I had Chrome Sync enabled on both. Seems more stable with syncing disabled.

At times like these, it seems like having the ability to stick a user poll in a reply post like this would be a useful feature.

Chrome is also crashing for me. It gives this error - Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library/ Runtime Error! / Program: C:\User... "This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" / "Please contact the application's support team for more information."

Yes, my Chrome has been crashing every ten minutes for the last half hour.

For what it's worth, I haven't had any crashes with either Chromium or Chrome on Ubuntu, but I'm not signed into my Google account via either.

It looks like mail.google.com is back though. I guess I opened them after the issue was fixed.

It may be region specific, it's still down for me.

I've noticed that Hacker News seems slower since gmail went down. I'd be interested to know how traffic responded. I'm guessing a lot of people default to HN if they hit a roadblock in their work. I know I do.

Just to add some data: Did not crash for me. I am using sync and I have two gmail tabs open. However gmail has continued to work for me, only the chat has had some issues.

Using dev build from canada.

Gmail is up for me as well - but I was already signed in when it went down. Has anyone been able to sign in after it went down?

About the same for me too.

My Chrome is continually crashing here on a MacBook Pro Retina as well. Even just visiting unrelated sites like Android Market and others. I assume it is trying to sync my pages to my account, or pull down URL malware black lists or something, hitting the same error GMail is hitting, and crashing.

Chrome just crapped out for me too - I suspect it was polling the mothership or the like, but can't be sure

I've had Chrome crash on me twice now with GMail trying to open.

Yes. Chrome crashed for me too.

Try disabling account syncing in preferences. Its crashing in Crashed Thread: 21 Chrome_SyncThread It has not crashed for me after disabling that.

My Chrome crashed a few minutes ago too, no Gmail open, but I do use an extension which checks it for me.

Edit: Looks like Chrome Sync is causing the crashes.

I think it is, I didn't even click on the link to gmail and my chrome crashed just a seconds ago. Looks like a sync issue maybe?

I was able to reproduce the crash once by adding a bookmark, which probably forces a sync. Gmail came back up for me, though, so I'm not able to test this again.

yes it seems to be - I disabled syncing in prefs and it seems to have stopped crashing.

Crashed Thread: 21 Chrome_SyncThread

was on the crash log.

It crashed for me also. I wonder if it's because I have the offline gmail app for Chrome installed?

Me too... going to disable any gmail/gtalk extension to see if it would be more stable

My Chrome keeps crashing every minute or so; I gave up and am in Safari now.

No crash here, using Chromium ver 22.0.1190.0, compiled from source. However, GMail is extremely slow. Have been able to refresh (and access) it 3 times in the past 5 minutes.

Getting 500 errors from GMail now, still no crash

I was getting regular chrome crashes (same time as my co-worker) till I signed out of chrome so it wouldn't sync bookmarks, etc..

Crashed for me too, twice.

EDIT: A colleague is seeing it too.

Chrome just crashed over here as well.

Web interface is down, but with a desktop client like Apple Mail it works to receive and send emails.

Gmail crashed, Chrome didn't, on two of my machines, Version 23.0.1271.95 m, and 23.0.1271.91 m

Chrome is crashing over here too.

Crashed for me, too. I thought it was just because of a flash-heavy site, but maybe not.

And I was wondering what was wrong. It crashed for me on 4 devices of different OSes.

Chrome just crashed for me with gmail open as well. OS X 10.8.2. Chrome 23.0.1271.95.

My chrome is working fine. So is gmail. I'm in Bangladesh so maybe Asia is okay.

Mine are working too and I'm from Eastern Europe. It was probably a slight glitch of Google's servers or databases.

My chrome and gmail are both fine, U.S. Midwest, so its more complicated than that.

Yep, Chrome was crashing for me on iOS after about 30 seconds of use.

Yep Chrome crashed too during the outage for my colleagues and me.

Mine crashed out of the blue as well, thought it was very strange.

Crashing on my mac as well (OS X 10.8.2, Chrome 23.0.1271.95).

Happened to me as well.

Aye! 2 times in a row!

Chrome Canary is stable, and Gmail loads from here in Italy.

chrome for linux 64 bit was crashing here too.. It was blowing up my RAM.. Du'no how

Crashing here with Gapps.

Same for me as well.

Also crashed for me.

Same here.

I wonder if folks with Chromebooks(and running Chrome OS, not Ubuntu) are able to use them at all now? Can anyone chime in?

Tested on my Cr-48 and login works, seems limited to Gmail.

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