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Ask HN: Launched a new site, what do I do now?
6 points by sw007 1868 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I have launched a new website, a project I have worked on for a few weeks. I find it useful. My girlfriend finds it useful and even my mum understands it.

I submitted to HN last week and got some feedback and you guys said it was cool but needed x,y and z doing to it - I have now made those changes.

So now for the million dollar question, but also an embarrassingly stupid question, what do I do now? I have a site, it works, it's useful (as far as I can tell) so what should my next steps be?


You have to start creating customer funnels. This could include writing a blog for your target market, doing a speaking tour for shoppers and getting them to sign up, just a few examples. Make sure to get creative with it. Last but not least, I'd refrain from using the word "cool" when describing your product. You should think about how Ultimate Gift Lists adds value and is more unique than your competitors or how people shop now. If you're to do this through your product and vision, that's when people buy.

You need to think who your target group of users is. Create Personas, describe them. How old are they? How much do they earn? Where do they live? Married, kids, divorced, widowed, suicidal etc.?

Once you defined your target group, you need to find the ones who influence this group (the "influencers"). Find 10 of them and engage them socially.

That means different things. Follow them on social networks and engage them in meaningful conversation. Cold-email them with your pitch. Ask them out. Write a guest blog post. Be honest about your intentions.

Personally, I'd be OK if someone "refers" me something through an affiliate link, but I wouldn't be so sure that my friends / everyone else thinks the same way. Pinterest got away with it, though.

It sounds a little like http://refer.ly/ and I'd recommend to take a look at them if you haven't done it already. They have a neat product, although the name can potentially turn off some people (see above).

And don't get me wrong, I think there's always room in the market if you do your job extremely well. :)

Is it something people pay for? How much? How much can you acquire new customers for?

You need to test your business model. It's not really clear what you're doing so it's hard to try to be concrete or very constructive.

So it is a giftlist creator - but done in a neat way (I think). We make money by using skimlinks and turning links into affiliate links. It's a way of finding neat gift ideas and also bookmarking gifts on the web and saving them to a giftlist.

I think if we had users we could make money - from the affiliate links. But it is not clear to me how I attract users to the site, how I get the site out there..

How about a link to the site or a link to the other post?

Sure sorry, I didn't want to spam HN but here it is - http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4864978 - the site is called http://www.ultimategiftlists.com and it is a cool way to create a giftlist, but is now also, in my opinion, a real neat way to find gift ideas for people.

We've acted on a lot of the feedback given to us:

- An About Page - More Categories - A better way of saving the list - Make the giftmark more prominent - A blog (although not yet published) - Resizing of images and a general change to the layout.


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