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That doesn't negate my point in any way.

Well, I'm a former GNOME and GTK+ developer and a former Canonical/Ubuntu developer and I had never noticed him being involved in GNOME outside his Canonical duties.

Of course you could still be right about him being entwined in GNOME though, but I don't think you are.

For future reference, your GP post would have made a lot more sense if you had included that little fact.

He was a regular on Planet Gnome, and was quite involved in Guadec. Why don't you ask him?

I'm not sure what there is to ask. I was mostly commenting on how you worded that, I suppose. It kind of read as though you think Jono was, for a time, deeply involved in Gnome or something, and I can't think of any way that he's really contributed to Gnome except to voice his opinion on things people are doing. I don't think being on Planet Gnome and going to Guadec is a good measurement of how entwined someone is in Gnome. Mark was on Planet Gnome for awhile too, and he goes to Guadec usually. The first time I met him was at Boston Summit. I never would have considered Mark deeply entwined in Gnome though, and I don't think most people would.

Then again, I'm not really involved in Gnome anymore either. So maybe I'm totally wrong and he's doing all kinds of stuff for Gnome now and I just don't pay attention anymore. But my experience working at Canonical was that it's more difficult, not easier, to stay involved in upstream projects.

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