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Let me ask you this: is the original Porsche 924 really a Porsche for you?

If you're trying to compare this to Lamborghini and their engines you picked a bad example. The 924 was entirely designed by VW but tweaked by Porsche. It is a Porsche, but it doesn't fit in with the rest of their cars because it was a terrible performer and that's not what Porsche stands for.

Maybe this will change you stance on Lamborghini

Supercars cars that use other manufacturer's engines:

-Maserati (Ferrari engines)

-Rossion Q1 (Ford engine)

-Noble M600 (volvo engine)

-Pagani (Mercedes/AMG)

-Aston Martin (DB9 uses Ford-based engine)

-Ariel Atom (Honda and Suzuki engines)

-TVR Cerbera (originally a TVR engine, switched to Jaguar)

-Spyker (Audi engines)

-Koenigsegg CCX (Ford engines)

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