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Ask HN: What would make you excited about email?
10 points by JoelMarsh 1656 days ago | hide | past | web | 16 comments | favorite
I am part of a team that is already building a new kind of email app, which we're calling an Email Browser. We will launch a "public proof of concept" after Christmas.

We want to know what you value (or don't) about email.

Please comment below, or do our quick survey: http://bit.ly/T088MN

I am happy to take questions or feedback via: joel AT joel marsh DOT com.


I would like to know which messages expect a reply and by when.

Seconded! I'd like to see it as a "due date" for an email.

Thanks! (and noted!)

Just filled out the survey. Small gripe: under "benefits" it was unclear if I should consider whether each feature is currently valuable, or would be valuable if I had it.

Edit: I'd also like to second DanBC's comment about super easy encryption. Having a diagram to indicate which parts of the transmission are secure would be great, too. (For instance, visually display that the email is mainly secure during transit, but is still plainly viewable by the recipient's email server.)

Thanks for the feedback! Surveys have their limitations, of course, and after years of experience I have found that (depending on the goals) it is sometimes better to allow the respondent to "interpret" a little for themselves rather than restricting them too much. Thanks again (and I have noted your encryption comments too).

* Very simple, very easy, almost idiot proof, encryption and cryptographic signing. This does not have to be free.


* Very simple, very easy, almost idiot proof anonymous email.

Thanks! Can you elaborate a little more on the signing suggestion?

PGP or GPG offer secure cryptographic signing of email.

Taking a quick look at the GPG page we find some mentions of this:

(http://www.gnupg.org/faq/GnuPG-FAQ.html#sec-8) ('Advanced topics'!)

(http://www.dewinter.com/gnupg_howto/english/GPGMiniHowto-1.h...) (mini how to in English, they have other languages available).

(http://www.dewinter.com/gnupg_howto/english/GPGMiniHowto-5.h...) Signing and checking signatures.

Just from these short snippets you can see that there is a lot of documentation for GPG; and that installing and using GPG[1] will be beyond most users.

[1] Importantly it is crypto, and thus it's trivially easy for users to get this stuff wrong. Small mistakes do not necessarily mean anything visible to the user. The output could look real and useful, but actually be worthless.

Mail Pilot is pretty exciting in the email space: http://www.mailpilot.co/

I agree. We have been watching them closely. We have an entirely different approach than them though. If you're interested, there is a little sign-up form for updates at www.getremark.com. We'll be releasing more info in a few weeks.

I'd love for it to organize my mail automatically depending on who sends it. For example, if it's personal, work related, unsubscribe-able, or none of the above.

Thanks! If that's what floats your boat then I definitely suggest you sign up at getremark.com. ;)

I believe this is what otherinbox does.

I think I'm getting everything I need out of email right now, but I'm also a very disciplined email user (an empty inbox is a healthy inbox).

Easier link: http://bit.ly/T088MN

If it could do my laundry

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