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Sell your startup or weekend project.
5 points by imtu80 1864 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
I am considering to quit my job and get involved in a my own venture. If you have a side/weekend project or an idea which you started working but no longer interested in it and want to sell then let me know. You can either post it here or email me at imtu80 [at] hotmail. I would like to know, A) Idea/Purpose of it. B) Current users/revenue. C) Asking price.

Check out https://flippa.com/ ,and be aware of the following classes of problems:

* It's very easy to artificially elevate visitors as displayed by eg. Google Analytics; same goes for inlinks, site ranks, and any other quantifiable metrics

* Specifically with Flippa, do a historical follow-up on their "just sold" list via eg. archive.org: http://web.archive.org/web/20110611031734/https://flippa.com...

Success/survival rate on the 1-year mark is extremely low; same goes with buying any "sideproject" -be extremely careful what you buy into.

Thanks, I check flippa almost everyday but the sites sold on it are not interesting. I think HN community works on awesome ideas on the side or as a weekend project but due to lack of time, co-founder, marketing skills or even getting involved with an another new idea the old project just sits on their computer.

My idea is to find a "dumped" project that I like, to kick start my adventure. By doing this I am saving time and risking money. Lost money can be earned but not time.

My old project was a website called sharemywin.com. I filed a patent in the website in 2010. The idea is to provide small business contests/sweepstakes announce to a local list of emails. There would be coupons on the entry page. I was enventually going to add games people could play to win local prizes like free appetizers etc. It could also be used to for photo contests etc. The unique part was people could add friends and if they won a prize one of their friends would get to win the prize too.

Cool thread. I like the idea. Would also like to see some good projects that people can't continue with or have abandoned.

I also agree that flippa has a lot of non-interesting sites - HN has the best quality

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