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Ask HN: Service to add 'getting started' wizard to your web app
2 points by wmboy 1537 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite
I saw a post on HN a while ago which highlighted a service that allows you to easily add a wizard overlay for your web app.

Can anyone remember the name of the service?

There's also Taurus: http://taurus.io.

Pretty slick, but I haven't actually played with the ZURB product.

Edit: Having looked at the ZURB solution, the Taurus solution is a LOT easier to use, but Joyride might be more comprehensive, for now. Taurus is moving ahead very quickly, but is also not free.

Thanks Taurus looks good, pricing is pretty reasonable though I'd like to see at least some sort of analytics or A/B split testing features.

I'm using joyride by ZURB. It's cool, you should check it out.


Thank you! Not only is that a viable option for us, I was also able to find the original HN post:


Turns out it was called http://tourmyapp.com

it was tourmyapp.com we had posted it on HN a couple of months back :)

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