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Ask HN: What is your personal use-case for social networking?
2 points by jacobwg 1772 days ago | hide | past | web | 1 comment | favorite
I have been recently thinking about how I use social apps and tools. My electronic social experience consists of bits and pieces of Facebook, Pinterest, Gchat, iMessage, and email. My primary use case is to keep in touch with people with whom I am close, not necessarily broadcast things to a wide group of acquaintances. I have customized the Facebook newsfeed settings with custom lists, update types, and notifications so that I can view content that is of particular interest to me based on the particular people sharing it. Pinterest is mainly used for their more recent "secret" board feature for communicating with a small set of close friends in a more visual format. Facebook, Gchat, and iMessage are used for IM-style communication depending on the other person and their preferred platform. And Facebook has largely replaced email for lots of my friends.

This got me thinking - how are others using Facebook and similar social tools? How are others using these existing tools to solve their unique problems? Is there any room for improvement or new social tools to better fit these alternative use cases?

So, how are you using the currently available tools? Would you like to see anything done differently?

Thanks in advance for the awesome feedback!

My use cases are similar. Here are some of my thoughts:

* Facebook: Photo and video sharing with friends and family. That's 80% of it. 15% is hearing updates on friend's lives and 5% is sharing my own updates.

* Twitter: Following the thoughts of various people or subjects. I only follow a couple of real-life friends on there, most of the accounts I follow are celebrities, tech-oriented accounts, who post things I like to see. The idea of being able to hear blurbs from anyone I want to (who offers them) is appealing. TBH, to me it's like an RSS feed of short blurbs.

* E-Mail: Communication with the outside world, centralized around me. I try to push as much through e-mail as possible, except for info aimed at people who I know prefer alternative methods.

* Chat: Real-time conversations. I try to couple this to my e-mail for convenience. So, G-Mail + G-Talk is a winner. If I tend to use Facebook for a specific contact, I try to IM them through it as well.

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