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On the topic of Banach-Tarski, i feel obliged to point everyone at this Banach-Tarski related video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFvokQUHh08

I watched that, constantly wondering when it would become interesting. Or funny. Or clever. Or anything other than a waste of time.

It didn't.

Added in edit: Fascinating - Someone down-voted this comment. Here I was thinking it would be helpful that people who trust my opinion will know not to waste their time, and people who don't know me can use this comment to see if their taste in these things matches mine. But no, someone just thinks it's of negative value. Interesting. I'm always learning new things about the HN community.

(I didn't downvote you.)

Your comment is a little harsh, but totally accurate. I saw all the video and I want my 3:42 minutes back!

(Note: I remember that one of my comments initially got two or three downvotes in spite of having only accurate relevant facts (not opinions), I got a little worried but it bounce and finally that comment got like 12 points. Don't worry, be happy!)

the orange falling on the knife was pretty cool....but..yeah

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