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I completely understand the spot you are in and can see how you are rationalizing it. The policy approach just doesn't fit for me (nor does it need to). I only commented because I do care about the Python community and hope to attend this event.

When I read the article I can't help substituting "label on cup" and reading incident as a coffee burn.]

Seeing "we now have an anti-harassment policy!" followed up by "and women are specifically encouraged to attend and apply." makes me cringe.

It doesn't feel like the way to encourage my wife (engineer) or any of the numerous women I have developed software with that the conference is an awesome event.

The numbers disagree with you assertion(s) - we have increased sponsorship due to the actions taken, we have increased the number of female presenters/speakers, and we have an astounding number of thank you's from women within the community with regards to the actions taken and statements made.

I am not "in a spot" or "rationalizing it" - I have concrete proof that changes like this in combination with a massive amount of outreach has had an extremely positive effect for the community and conference.

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