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Well, there are also some countries that consider the pre-occupation with things such as "sexual harassment" that some Americans have obsessive and indicative of a society that relegates even basic human relations to the courtroom and to arcane prudish codes of conduct.

You took something valid (like being against sexual harassment when it's a bloody actual harassment) and you overblown it out of proportion.

Italians or French, e.g., have no problem with things such as office romance.

For example, the French did not give a flying duck if their President had a known ex-marital affair and even a child (like Miterrand), whereas Americans had this whole BS "moral outrage" when Clinton had an affair. Heck, Italians even voted multiple times into office a Prime Minister that is known to have wild parties with models and prostitutes (Berlusconi).

Not everybody in the world is as uptight as white Americans.

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