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You have every right to speak like a knuckle-dragging troglodyte. The PyCon folks also have every right to say for you to do it somewhere other than their private convention space.

Well, if George Carlin was a python developer, I for one, would have loved to see him speak.

And I have no problem with how Linus talks, without concern for self-censorship.

Funny how we owe a large of the success of open source (and most of Linux) to a "knuckle-dragging troglodyte"...

Linus may be known for his usage of four-letter words, but the code of conduct isn't (primarily) about profanity. It's about sexism and harassment, and I haven't known Linus to participate in or condone either.

(Another tangential point about Linus and language: he is very good at targeting his profanity. He doesn't drop f-bombs every third sentence, he saves them for when they are most effective. I don't think "knuckle-dragging troglodyte" quite applies.)

This isn't about getting rid of the George Carlins of the python scene, this is about getting rid of the Morton Downey Jrs of the tech scene. Being a bit blue is a lot different than using degrading, insulting, and irrelevant images in your talks. Codes of conduct like these aren't about stripping away all four letter words, they're about getting rid of presentations like "perform like a porn star," which only serve to detract from the larger scene and message.

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