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Also, for food, I follow the Upgraded Life / Bulletproof Diet. Also awesome and amazing, but I was almost eating paleo 2.0 anyways. Before this I was following the Slow-Card Diet as described by Tim Ferriss in 4 Hour Body.

For sleep I recommend these things. I've been experimenting for the past month and I now regularly sleep only 5 hours a night and I feel AWESOME all day with the Bulletproof coffe / Bulletproof diet combo and these things:

1.using F.Lux or just turning down your screen's brightness an hour before bed time 2. 20 minutes before bed I like to take a 15 minute shower. Start with hot water and lather up, followed by 10 minutes of progressively colder and colder water and sit in the shower for 3 more minutes under ice cold water. The temperature change will cause your body (Brown Adipose Tissue) to try to burn up the outer layers of fat (White Adipose Tissue), heating up your system. You will fall asleep pretty quickly as an added benefit, as long as you try to go to sleep right after. 3. Have some saturated fats before bed. That 'groggy' head you might wake up with is because you are dehydrated and have low blood sugar when you wake up.

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