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exercise as you already mentioned and Green Tea. Lots of Green Tea.

Good tip. As someone who doesn't do well with coffee -- it makes me twitchy -- I find green tea helpful. I drink it several days a weak, in part for the general anti-oxidant health benefits, in part for the caffeine boost. But I feel like it sharpens my brain to use my available energy better, more effectively, so perhaps unlike most caffeine-consumers I tend to drink it only when I already feel fully rested. It doesn't seem to provide extra energy when my brain is already tired. In fact I fear in those cases it just prevents me from taking a quick nap which helps much much more to recover my brain energy. That's my experience with green tea so far -- I definitely want to explore it more.

If you into it you will find tea is popular with monks for sustaining meditation. Tea has more than caffeine, there are other useful compounds as well. Much better for focus than coffee.

If you are good at power naps (i.e. can drift off in under 10 minutes in the right conditions) you can try a tea rebound nap; make a strong cup of tea and drink it quickly just before you lay down for a snooze. You'll drift off before it hits and by the time your 20-25 minute timer finishes your brain is doubly refreshed.

I find the 'hard-reset' aspect of a nap to be essential some days, and it is completely different in nature than the 'energy' aspect. More to do with unresolved problems to solve than actual energy.

Interesting. I'm going to try that. Yes, the hard-reset of a power nap can be hugely efficient. I almost feel like I get two days in one thanks to the fresh energy I have afterwards.

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