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Currently about 20% of NameTerrific payments are made in Bitcoin. Credit card is expected to be the dominant payment method anyway.

thanks, thats higher than i expected

are you specifically targeting the bitcoin crowd with nameterrific?

Not really because there wasn't any advertising happening around the Bitcoin idea. However we did a soft launch within the Bitcoin community when the payment solution wasn't ready, and that gained some initial adoption (with 100% Bitcoin payments).

Domain market is extremely competitive. But for domain registrars that accept Bitcoin, I'm quite confident that NameTerrific is simply the best. That's probably why the adoption rate is quite high.

EDIT: Just to clarify, we're seeing much more credit card orders coming up recently so it seems that the market for Bitcoin is quite limited. I guess even the largest Bitcoin merchants (like WordPress) may not have a large absolute figure for Bitcoin use. However, to us, accepting Bitcoin is somehow a symbol of "geekiness" so it's a good thing to continue.

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