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Ask HN: Review my startup, Pagecovery.com
8 points by rifchia 1750 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite
I'm particularly looking for feedback about this idea of scheduling cover photos. What do you think? The url is www.pagecovery.com

Interesting idea. Simple, but useful in a fun sort of way. Could it be a successful business? I guess we'll find out.

Web site looks very nice. I don't like the bright body text though, I had to darken it with firebug so I could read it comfortably. Despite the current fashion, I can't imagine why text on a white background would ever be brighter than #444 much less #999.

I really like the idea, simple and straight to the point.

What I am not that sure about is your pricing structure. I am not sure if it works as this kind of a stand-alone service. Maybe you could get existing Facebook oriented marketing service to offer it as an up-sell? Maybe some form of personal touch about you/team, or at least a "real" address in the contact section could give it more credibility.

Also I am curious: How did you get these testimonial brands?

Hi. thanks for the feedback, i will look into putting our team information onto the site. Those brands are our clients for our analytics platform.

Great feedback on the text color. I will make adjustments to it right away. How about the font size? Is it comfortable for reading?

Looks normal to me.

Good: - Simple idea - Latest blog topics - Use of social - Site content

Not so good: - Pricing. Why is it tied to fans? This seems totally arbitrary.

Possible easy fixes: - Font contrast (as previously mentioned) - Link to clients' facebook pages instead of their website. This way visitor can see how your service is being used and also legitimizes your client claims. - Examples/case studies of how your service is being used for success.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. The font color has been changed to a darker tone. As for the pricing, it is tied to the fanbase to determine the size of the page and its business. We do not wish to charge hefty pricing for SMB or startups, so the pricing model allows SMB to start off with as little as $9.90 instead of paying $119.90

I like the idea! It's unique and honestly it's the first time I stumble upon something like that. As for the design it's simple, clear and straight to the point. Plus, I like that you included some of your client's logo. I got a question though, what do you mean by Scheduling "Real Time" Cover Photos? It's the Real Time that means nothing to me/confuses me.

Hi, the real-time means the current fans that have seen cover photos scheduled by PageCovery. To avoid confusion, i have removed the "real-time". Thank you so much

Guys is the font size on the website comfortable for reading? Do let me know.

"Scheduling Real Time Cover Photos" - what does that mean?

It means the current fans that have seen cover photos scheduled by PageCovery

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