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Roadmap for HighlandDB, opensource database for Ruby apps
4 points by mac-r 1690 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Hi, everyone!

During the last month I've been working hard to roll out HighlandDB, lightweight NoSQL database for Ruby applications. It gets installed in the application folder and provides user with a clear API.

Here are the links:

- http://mac-r.github.com/highland/ (official website)

- https://github.com/mac-r/highland (Github repo)

- http://vimeo.com/55018195 (1 minute video about Highland)

John Nunemaker (the creator of mongomapper) once told me: "I do not get it. When would you use highland over any of the other databases out there?". You may ask me that question as well. Further is the answer.

The simplicity of highland is the core advantage. Now I am working on the datamining framework called Ajaila (http://ajaila.github.com/). There is a wide range of Ajaila users who are not familiar with databases at all.

They spend a lot of time to install MongoDB and other databases. Highland is expected to be the first DB for such users (the default DB in Ajaila). It's extremely easy to play with it before getting familiar with other solutions.

I do believe that Highland can find its niche among existing DB solutions. At least it makes Ajaila users happy. Maybe there are other people who can get happy as well.

This is my first more or less finished opensource product. I am writing here to get your feedback. Maybe some of you will find this project interesting and will participate. There are many challenging issues.

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