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Given its potential use in inertial navigation system of guided missiles, I would expect the state of the art in realizeable accelerometers to be classified. Can anyone shed any light on how this would compare with what is known about "weapon grade" accelerometers, even if the old ones ?

I believe that there's a sensitivity threshold for laser gyros at which the Man gets interested. I've been to a colloquium where the speaker noted that foreign graduate students weren't allowed to work on gyros with sensitivities greater than a specific value. They were careful not to optimize beyond that threshold (sensitivity was ancillary to their science measurement).

I've also seen a civilian science project rename themselves in order to differentiate themselves from missile guidance systems. In general though, I don't think it's much of a problem for science. The sudden classification of a promising technology is a strong signal to other states that the technology is of practical use.

In CS terms, the day that quantum computation goes dark is a day you know that RSA is over.

This technology is not classified secret (hardly anything is), but God help you if you export it from the US without an ITAR and/or Department of Commerce license.

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