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Android developers: Help Luma (YC W12) make Kubricks out of droids
on Dec 7, 2012 | hide
We're developing software to make it easy for consumers to record and share great looking videos. The following video was captured with our app on a handheld iPhone 4S: http://luma.io/v/Brl No tripods or motorized mounts were used. Our app produces the smooth camera motion on the fly as you record.

We're looking for an experienced Android developer to join our team to help bring our technology to Android. You will own the entire Android stack, so be prepared to write UI and networking code. Experience integrating C/C++ code into Android applications is also a plus.

We're located in downtown Palo Alto, next to the HP garage (the birthplace of Silicon Valley). We're hackers that love to build real technology, then hide the complexity to delight our customers.

If this sounds interesting, ping us at jobs@luma.io with a resume, github profile, and/or links to your past projects. Don't bother with the resume if your projects speak for themselves.

We provide competitive compensation, equity, health coverage, and will cover relocation expenses (if any). In general, we will work with you to make you happy so that you can focus on writing great code.

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