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Some developers do their best work when alone, and suffer greatly wen forced to work in pairs (introverts). Other developers are the opposite; they are most productive when working in pairs, and are least productive when working alone (extroverted).

I hate these kinds of articles because it perpetuates this stereotype that introverted developers are unemployable.

In my experience, productivity and communication skills fall on a spectrum. Some people are very productive, but have bad communication skills; other people have great communication skills, but usually aren't nearly as productive. The first type hate pair programming, the second type loves it. Braintree is a company that culturally hires people who have great communication skills, but has to double up to be productive.

I think what is best is to just hire whoever, and let them work the way they want. If you want to work in pairs with someone, let them. If you want to work along, let them do that too. I hate this dogmatic thinking that its best that everyone work the same way.

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