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Another problem with just downloading something is that your less talented developers tend not to question how the thing works, and not have a good understanding of how it is best used, and what you'd better not try.

Good grief, yes.

I've observed this not just in coding, but across the board. For example, the young accountant who accepted verbatim and as authoritative every number that came out of the system.

The point of a lot of those reports was really to raise questions, not to provide pat answers.

Writ large, a lot of this "social" endeavor seems, one way or another, to mask a shallow grasp of the material at hand.

And, personally, having experienced how distracting it is for me and counter-productive vis à vis deep thought, I can't but consider it also causative.

I do collaborate. Very well. But not "24/7" while trying to avoid spilling my ramen noodles on the other person's lap.

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