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While we are on that subject, a V10 is not a Lamborghini no matter what the bull on the hood and the price tag are trying to tell you... that is an Audi aluminum engine, not an "Italian passion" V12 monster.

>that is an Audi aluminum engine, not an "Italian passion" V12 monster.

Are you really trying to discredit Lamborghini because they're now owned by Audi? The passion you're referring to comes from the design. Most people couldn't care less about the sound. The other day a Ferrari 599 GTB passed by a restaurant and my friend said it was an obnoxious sounding car.

How about Pagani? Their engines are made by Mercedes/AMG. Does that mean it's any less Italian?

Let me ask you this: is the original Porsche 924 really a Porsche for you?

If you're trying to compare this to Lamborghini and their engines you picked a bad example. The 924 was entirely designed by VW but tweaked by Porsche. It is a Porsche, but it doesn't fit in with the rest of their cars because it was a terrible performer and that's not what Porsche stands for.

Maybe this will change you stance on Lamborghini

Supercars cars that use other manufacturer's engines:

-Maserati (Ferrari engines)

-Rossion Q1 (Ford engine)

-Noble M600 (volvo engine)

-Pagani (Mercedes/AMG)

-Aston Martin (DB9 uses Ford-based engine)

-Ariel Atom (Honda and Suzuki engines)

-TVR Cerbera (originally a TVR engine, switched to Jaguar)

-Spyker (Audi engines)

-Koenigsegg CCX (Ford engines)

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