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Ask HN: What languages and technologies/tools are you using right now?
8 points by brutuscat 1829 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments
Hi guys,

I'm writing you because I would really like to know what languages, libraries and technologies/tools are you/we really using.

Why you say? Well you see, I'm curious. I dont really like those "graph" showing which languages are popular, I want it directly from you!

Thanks ;)

Developing a cooperative game-making platform with C# along with those libraries:

* XNA + MonoGame (multiplatform OSS rewrite of XNA - https://github.com/mono/monogame)

* Lidgren.Network (Reliable UDP networking library - https://code.google.com/p/lidgren-network-gen3/)

* NuclearWinter (my own UI library - https://bitbucket.org/sparklinlabs/nuclearwinter)

* MonoBoxedLua (my own variant of MonoLuaInterface - https://bitbucket.org/sparklinlabs/monoboxedlua)

In my daily work / projects I actively use every one of the following :

  Servers - Apache, Nginx
  Databases - MySQL, SQlite, Redis
  Languages - Bash, C, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript
  IDE's - Emacs, Vim
  Tools/Frameworks - Git, GCC, GTK, Webkit, Symfony2, jQuery
These are all things I use to build finished software products, I experiment around with Go and Haskell, but haven't used either much for practical purposes (except Go for a few server side things).

Right now, at my corporate job in the insurance industry? scala (notably scalaz is banned so I've had to reimplement the bits of it I need) with a little java; spring, hibernate, wicket; oracle, mule, drools. Tool-wise eclipse, subversion (I use git-svn), twist; jenkins, crucible and I'm just in the process of setting up rundeck to replace the collection of bash scripts that currently do deployment. Sonar is running but I don't really look at it.

I have a question: I did some experiments with Apache Camel, and you seem much more experienced than me in Java: in your opinion, how does Mule compares with Apache Camel?

My opinion is that it's a pointless waste of space that does nothing except slow down development. But I suspect that would also be my opinion of Apache Camel.

Is Mule xml based? Sorry, no thanks...

There's a pretty good, if underdocumented, interface for configuring it programatically.


  * numpy
  * scipy
  * pandas
  * django


  * jquery
  * angularjs (learning)
  * momentjs

-twitter bootstrap

I would like to find time to learn angularjs too. Seems pretty sleek framework. I've tried meteor stuff and kind of like it, but you still have to write client/server code...

Angularjs seems to being solving this making it much more like building desktop UI right?

To my humble understanding of angularjs, the MVC patter is not exactly the one you would understand coming from a JEE background. The fact that angularjs use this pattern means that you should first make your server as a RESTful API, and build everything else on the client side using the framework.

In this way the backend is responsible for deep validations and making the data as json format for later use.

So in the end :

  *Model : data comes from the server json format, becomes jaavscript objects.

  *View: HTML, and directives when you need to manipulate the DOM

  *Controller (also your services):

      ->Queries to the API
      ->Validation (probably duplicate some of your server's side)
      ->Business logic.
      ->Rooting of templates.
You might think that there's a duplication, in terms of controls and validation, but the thing is, you should think of it as two separate level : One for your API (could be used for many purposes), Second a robust, fast client side that deals with data.


  * Pyramid
  * SQLAlchemy
  * Redis
  * ØMQ
  * eventlet
  * nose
  * Protocol buffers







What I really want to use:

Haskell :-)

My recent projects have been machine learning & data visualization focused:


  * Numpy
  * Scipy
  * Pandas
  * NetworkX
  * Flask


  * jQuery
  * D3.js
Twitter Bootstrap

Javascript: Ember.js / Node.js / Socket.io / jQuery

DB: MongoDB / PostgreSQL

Learning: Java

Novice: Python / RoR

Eventually: Redis

I'm using:

Platforms - Android, iOS, web

Languages - Java, PHP, Objective C

IDE's - Eclipse, Xcode

Various technologies in use - jsonengine for GAE, Twitter Bootstrap, Apache server, MySQL

Javascript i.e. Ember and jQuery mainly, with some Node.js after work.

A little Obj C in the evenings and weekends.

Did you release any iOS or Mac app?


- RoR

- RSpec and Capybara feature DSL

- Sidekiq

- Rbenv

- Pry

JRuby (which implies some java stuff ala ruby)

- Apache Camel

- Jetty w/websockets



At work:

- Verilog 05

At Home:

- Java for Android

- Perl 5.8.8

What is Verilog 05 for?

Asp.Net MVC 4

C# / VB.Net

Entity Framework with Code-First

SQL Server 2010

IIS 7.5

Twitter Bootstrap

At work (I'm a physics/mathematics guy developing quantum optical simulations):

Fortran 2003/2008





Haskell (My initial experiments look promising; ghc+llvm has consistently beaten gcc and gfortran when doing RK4 integration of complicated functions. I'm currently testing array performance with REPA.)


Dislin (Looking for a replacement, since it's a real pain to use)

Charm++ (Looks promising, but also seems hard to use.)


At home: Haskell

Wow, nice set of tools! How all that fits together to write a simulator? I mean how (or when) does Haskell interacts with C++ code?

> Dislin (Looking for a replacement, since it's a real pain to use)

Have you tried MayaVi?

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