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It's an interesting question. Interestingly enough if you can get past the chicken and egg stage, it would appear as though it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy - ie, selling the information on how you got rich might eventually get you rich.

I remember sitting through a seminar which was touted as a sober investment discussion but turned out to be a get-rich-quick scheme. The guy had all the same things - photos of him in Ferraris, awesome looking girlfriend despite him being a very plain, overweight dude, and pictures of his amazing houses.

I was thinking at the time how easy it would be to make a slideshow like that, throw in some very generic advice and sell a couple of hundred 'kits' a night at a few thousand a pop. You could easily end up with said Ferrari and house if you could keep it rolling for a year or so.

That is, if you could live with your conciensce.

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