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I see most people argue the fact that something can be of quality or that you technically can wear old clothes. My point was, current modern fashion empires (Zara, HM, etc.) are popular because they offer fashionable items often of random/poor quality (notice 'because' not 'despite'). Buy cheap, look good for the season, throw it away. One or two levels higher you got all the Tommy, Polo, Lacoste, etc. where you upgrade for the brand and better quality (I know it's still slave labor, but the quality is better). People buy clothes to look good, and buy the ones that look good in their affordable price range. It's how it works, and somehow I believe people wanting to buy a hoodie 'for lifetime' are a vast minority, especially in the hoodie target group. Yeah, I own a jacket which was cool 4 years ago, is cool now, and maybe will be still cool in the next 3 years if I don't destroy it, but durability is IMHO a weak selling point for an newborn apparel company who positions itself in the price range of the lower-end designer brand clothes.

I hope I clarified my opinion a bit, I'm not against quality, I just doubt it will work in the long run for the reasons above.

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