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I took the course and I found it very useful even though I had done good amount of work with databases before.

The sections on relational algebra and relational models are really good. The course covers the basics of db - sql, constraints, views, triggers and authorization very well. I particularly liked the coverage on transactions, an area that most web programmers will benefit from.

With respect to xml, I found the level of detail to be quite good again but I don't really use much of xquery or xslt these days.

While the course does cover Olap and nosql, it is quite light compared to the relational and xml units of the course.

I see that they have added a new section on json in the new version of the course. Some of the questions in the homework and exams are slightly tricky but nothing too hard.

I didn't really get to see the office hours videos, so can't comment on that. Overall, I think it is an excellent introductory db course. Just make sure you don't fall back on the schedule as some of the material can be quite heavy.

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