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I took this one a year ago. I had zero idea how to do anything with databases. I won't say I am DBA material, but I'm confident in my abilities to design and deploy a database.

As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best OCW courses available. Very challenging at the beginning. Though I think there are areas that could be improved upon, it will take you from zero to proficient. Although I've never used views in real life, I have used triggers; I know how to normalize okay (I guess?), and can figure out the logic to run fairly complex queries over raw data.

What you won't learn about is creating optimized and fast queries, though this is something you'll get with experience, trial and error, and research. The NoSQL section is wanting, but the goal of the course is to teach you relational theory and general SQL concepts, which it does a very good job at.

Of course, if you want to be a PostgreSQL or Oracle master, you'll probably have to buy the requisite books or comb the online docs. If you want to learn how to integrate the DBs into your programming language or platform, that is a self-study item as well.

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