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Reading about McAfee on wikipedia, I found this one interesting relating to the paranoia point of the story:

"In a 2012 article in Mensa Bulletin, the magazine of American Mensa, he stated that being the developer of the first commercial anti-virus program has made him "the most popular hacking target", adding "Hackers see hacking me as a badge of honor". He added that for his own security he has other people buy his computer equipment for him, uses pseudonyms for setting up computers and logging in, and changes his IP address several times a day."

Sounds like RMS...

In what way? I'm no huge fan of RMS, but McAffe is in a whole different league of "weird relationship with computers and the internet".

Just a few examples:

“I sometimes use Google's search engine, and I sometimes use DuckDuckGo. When I use a search engine, it is always from a machine that isn't mine and that other people also use. I never identify myself to the site, of course.” http://stallman.org/stallman-computing.html

“I am unwilling to identify myself in order to connect to the Internet. For instance, if a hotel gives a user name and password to each room, I won't use that system, since it would identify me. I would need some other way to connect.” https://secure.mysociety.org/admin/lists/pipermail/developer...

“I refuse to have supermarket frequent buyer cards of my own because they are a form of surveillance.

I refuse to have a cell phone because they are tracking and surveillance devices. They all enable the phone system to record where the user goes, and many (perhaps all) can be remotely converted into listening devices.

When I need to call someone, I ask someone nearby to let me make a call.

I absolutely refuse to take Amtrak trains because they check passengers ID (sometimes, not all the time)” http://stallman.org/rms-lifestyle.html

Love that one

"When I need to call someone, I ask someone nearby to let me make a call."

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