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> A Google-owned T-Mobile wouldn't be pushing the envelope on coverage and that's something that the majority of Americans seem to find quite important (even if they don't venture out of their home location much).

Even if they have to put up with contracts and sucky customer service and treatment by carriers.

Someone with a clue should buy a carrier and push the envelope on customer service. My bandwidth is good enough enough of the time. The service and treatment I get has always and still sucks.

That someone isn't Google though. Google is bad enough at customer service that they should aquire t-mobile just for the support department.

I think T-Mobile's customer service department would degrade if it were bought by Google. I don't believe good customer service is part of Google's highly-technical engineering culture, and I wouldn't expect a purchased customer service department to be allowed to retain its culture. Even if it did, would Google's executives give more attention and resources to that department than their other customer service departments?

That's why I said "someone with a clue." How about Apple?

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