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Ask HN: Is something from your startup a good gift for a CS student?
6 points by lsiebert on Dec 6, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments
So, I've been taking CS classes and tutoring at a local community college in the SF Bay Area. As part of the end of the tutor program, we are doing a white elephant thing, 10 dollar max.

Rather then just buy something from fry's or ThinkGeek, I think it would be cool to potentially give them a subscription to a cool web app or two for a year, or a purchase something that would be of interest/be of help/have a geeky appeal to a CS student.

So please, pitch me your product.

Ideally, I think the best gift that you could possibly give a CS student would come from your start-up, but I don't think it's what you have in mind. The best thing that you could give a CS student would be a job working for your start-up.

That being said, if the app is something that targets a CS student's interests, yet isn't something that they are already likely to have, then a free subscription / license would be the next best thing.

I am not sure this meets your criterion. You can check out the CloudMunch Developer Edition (Link: http://www.cloudmunch.com/developers). Helps you deploy your projects from GitHub to AWS. You don't pay for the platform. You just pay for the AWS usage.

Ragic, a Database/Excel hybrid. I just posted Show HN above. It's a product where you can build online databases just like creating a Web Excel spreadsheet.

There's free trial that you can try out first with online tutorial. The lite license is $5/user/month

thanks... not quite what I was thinking of for a gift, but I'll check it out for myself :)

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