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The ranking code (mistakenly) identified something bad going on. I'll try to fix it.

I'm going to kill this in the meantime. As it says in the guidelines, you should send moderation questions to us, not post them on the site.

There are three ways:

1) A couple other users clicked the 'flag' link on the submission. Once you pass the 'too-many-flags' threshold, the post drops position drastically and immediately. Any user with sufficient karma can flag submissions.

2) A moderator flagged the submission. PG is not the only moderator.

3) Some portion of the 24 people that voted for the story were detected as part of a voting ring. The voting ring detector flagged the story.

I guess launchsky.com is in competition with ycombinator )

I'd be so honored if I knew PG dropped everything else, or commissioned one of the YC teams, to go and build this instead of whatever he was doing at the time he saw the link.

Isn't HN actively monitored by a number of YC people? It's possible any of them downmodded this, not PG.

Could be just regular users as well. Anyone who has enough karma can "flag" a post, and a few flags will typically knock something off the front page (unless it has a ton of upvotes counteracting that).

I wouldn't know, but that sounds logical enough.

I would love to know though...

It could be that we had high comments / low points? I really don't know, it just doesn't make much sense.

I would be surprised if they don't monitor.

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