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Used it back in 2006 for company email, policy documents and software issue tracking - both enhancements, bugs etc. raised by product management, development and client facing services.

It was a mess. A slow, grinding mess of unusable screens and panels. If you end up typing things in an external text editor simply to copy-and-paste it in just to guarantee you don't lose your work, you know something has gone terribly wrong.

Got a friend whose company were recently bought by IBM and they "eat their own dog food". He's not happy to be now using Lotus Notes.

I don't think anybody is happy "dogfooding" a product. It sends the message that your function isn't that essential.

which is why, at GitHub, they use Visual SourceSafe for all their configuration management.

Hehe maybe your friend and I are at the same place. I feel the same way...

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