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Its not clear to me what your value proposition is, or what I would be paying you guys a monthly fee for. If I use Elastic Beanstalk, I can deploy with a simple git push, and I can manage AWS directly myself. What do you guys do to make this easier?

CloudMunch Developer edition (Beta) will currently provide you the following. Please note this is free to use. You will pay only for the AWS infrastructure you consume. 1. A history of your builds 2. A build repository to store older builds and deploy them if required 3. A deployment history 4. A template for build orchestration to perform code analysis, e.g. PMD, code visualization (TBA) 5. Scheduled deployments - on-click, daily or weekly 6. Seamless connection between GitHub and AWS using your GitHub id

  We plan to add some features based on our thoughts and your feedback. I hope this answers your questions.

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