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Ask HN: Review my Startup
6 points by will_brown on Dec 5, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
OMMAGEO is a video sharing website that uses Google Earth as its UI, in addition users can filter videos in GE by @user, #keyword, and video date.

Here is a link to my walk-through demo: http://solitaireinfosys.com/demo/will_brown/

I call it a "walk-through demo" because it is not fully functional, but is representative of the UI/UE.

Would you be interested in testing this when completed? If not, what would interest you in a new video sharing website, if anything? Could you see this being an important video discovery tool for any specific industry? Do you think this is a joke?

Hi. It is kind of confusing. When I come to the site I don't really know what to do. I think the logo is odd for a video sharing site. Also what has bothered me when I first saw it is the similarity between the Sign Up and Sign In buttons. They look identical and it's confusing. If you are using it as a landing page, the Sign Up should be more visible, otherwise it is confusing.

Like the concept, but I too am a bit confused. I appreciate it's not properly working atm. Maybe focus on news or some other domain where geography particularly matters. I think it's a step away from Alpha yet, but interested to see where it goes.

PS Like the logo, hate the name. Keep iterating that!

I appreciate the look and response. I agree it could be appealing for news videos. I will keep hacking away at it and hopefully be live 12/21/12 (just in case).

Your comment on the name I will take to heart bc I don't even call it OMMAGEO. OMMA is Eye and Geo is Earth in ancient Greek so I call it iEarth, so I might have to rethink it.

I checked it out quickly, here are my thoughts:

1) Kinda confusing as to what you are supposed to do.

2) The you tube thumbnails are way to small to watch.

3) I'm sure there could be some interesting use cases for location specific video, but I have no idea what they are.

Thanks I appreciate the thoughts.

1. Sorry, I should have explained that the geotag function and search are not functional in this demo, this is more of a landing page.

2. This issue goes to the demo itself, when the thumbnail is clicked the video would not play there rather the GE would zoom to the video geotag and the video would play inside the GE UI. If you are so inclined this function can be demoed here: http://www.solitaireinfosys.com/demo/will_brown/test/

Note there are 4 geotags uploaded in India, and you have to zoom in to GE just a little before the video geotags appear and here all 4 icons are default "x" but will be the @user profile pic.

3. Thank you. My immediate thoughts are: a. news - click a news channel profile and see only their news videos across globe or a local as you like; b. events - zoom in on protest sites to see user generated content, or zoom in on stadiums to see videos of sports or concerts.

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