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New Batch of Myspace Beta Invites Sent.
3 points by crisnoble 1815 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I finally got my beta invite tonight, looks amazing so far. Anyone else get their invite tonight?

I signed up for the invite 30 days ago and still nothing. Do you mind sending me an invite so I can test out the new myspace? I've been a long fan of myspace since 2008 and and it never failed me down. My email is joca-5@hotmail. Thanks in advance :D

I completely skipped out on myspace last time, even back in it's early days I remember thinking it was a horrible website.

The preview looks interesting though, still waiting on my invite to check it out.

Looking at the new site I have a feeling that they spent too much on designers, and not enough on user experience, but I don't have an invite to the new myspace yet.

I got one, but didn't get to check it out yet. Will edit this once I do.

It certainly looks nice.

just got 1 last night! design's looking awesome

still waiting on mine :@

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